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China OEM Glitter Cover Stationery Notebooks Manufacturer

Glitter Cover Stationery Notebooks

Item :  Glitter Cover Stationery Notebooks


Features :

>  We have many different styles, the printing on the cover can according to your design

>  Different shapes are available

>  Glitter cover

>  Feel smooth when write

>  Experienced factory and professional working team

>  Considerate service

>  Please advise size, logo, plating and other detail information, which will help us a lot to offer a quick and accurate quotation


Description :

 As the professional stationery notebooks manufacturer in China,FUNNY TOYS GIFT LIMITED, is specialized in producing and providing the school stationery notebooks for famous brands.Quick delivery, good quality and careful services are our advantages.Besides,we had rich experience in famous brand OEM/ODM orders for 13 years. The brands which we have made products for include Mickey Mouse, Pooh, Princess, Toy story, Marie, Miss Bunny, Snoopy, Doraemon, Sesame street, Looney tunes, Superman, Batman, Xman, Spiderman, Marvel heroes, Dora, Hot wheel, Sponge BOB, 100% Cartoon network, Ultraman,  Woody Wood picker and so on.


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   Glitter Cover Stationery Notebooks
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