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China OEM Personalized Plush/T-shirt Stationery Notebooks Manufacturer

Personalized Plush/T-shirt Stationery Notebooks

Item:Personalized Plush/T-shirt Stationery Notebooks



   >   Fashionable and beautiful design
   >   Small MOQ available
   >   Flexible in material and design
   >   Size: 13.5 x 9 x 60cm sheets
   >   The latest and hot selling item
   >   Well-known for its fine quality
   >   Popular among at the teenagers and young ladies
   >   Customized designs and sizes are welcomed



   > Extensive experience, Specialized Technology and Innovation

   > Provide Fashionable design and personalized products

   > FUNNY TOYS GIFT LIMITED has a professional team

   > High Quality and competitive price

   > Excellent Service, guarantee commitments

   > Have our own manufacturing factory

   > Customized based on your specific requirements


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   Personalized Plush/T-shirt Stationery Notebooks
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